Firefighters Merchandise Fireflex Gear Bag in Black
Firefighters Merchandise Fireflex Gear Bag in BlackFirefighters Merchandise Fireflex Gear Bag in Black

Black Fireflex® Gear Bag


Black Fireflex® Gear Bag
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The Firefighters Merchandise Fireflex® Gear Bag is a step-in turnout gear bag w/ shoulder strap, large helmet pocket and the first ever integrated removable SCBA mask bag.  The SCBA mask bag integrates onto the end of the gear bag with heavy duty plastic clips and Velcro.

This one and only gear bag design makes it easy to place your SCBA mask on and off the apparatus without removing it from the bag.  The SCBA mask bag also has convenient pockets for the small items, like eye glasses and personal belongings you may want to keep on the truck stored away safe.

The Fireflex® gear back is large enough for all you bunker gear storage needs.

Bag Dimensions 32″X18″X18″

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Product Description

This bag is made from 100% Fireflex®  (The bag is not made from FR rated materials.  Fireflex® is a proprietary material Firefighters Merchandise has developed for the purpose of solely manufacturing its Firefighter Accessories)

Additional Information

Attribute Information
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 32 x 18 x 2 in

1 Comment on Black Fireflex® Gear Bag

Radbeer said : Guest Report Subscribe 2 years ago

Awesome gear bag. Been looking for a long time to find the right gear bag that fits all my needs and this is it. Also I receive a lot of compliments on how sharp it looks.

  • Can't go wrong
  • Durable , Lightweight , Versatile , Well Constructed , Comfortable
  • Field Training , In Vehicles , Personal Safety , Special Operations
  • No
  • Career Firefighter
  • Canada

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