GCS Firefighters duffle bag with FireFlex
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Gold Fireflex® Duffle Bag


Gold Fireflex® Duffle Bag

August, 2018 – currently out of stock. We expect them November/December 2018
The Firefighters Merchandise Gold FireFlex® Duffle Bag has fire fighter style with unprecedented quality and can be compared to no other bag on the market.

External pockets on both ends of bag with heavy duty durable zipper closures
Two large front pockets with heavy duty plastic clip and hook and loop closure
Two small front end pockets with snap closures for your small belongings or keys padded removable shoulder strap keeps carrying comfortable
Padded tablet or laptop sleeve integrated into the bag
Moisture resistant lining throughout the bag making it easy to wipe out as well as keep your items dry
Abrasion-resistant bottom offers enhanced durability
50L capacity
27″ H x 14″ W x 14″ D

100% FireFlex® (The bag is not made from FR rated materials. FireFlex® is a proprietary material GCS has developed for the purpose of solely manufacturing its Firefighter Accessories)

Advancements in materials enhance durability to improve resistance against everyday wear-and-tear, extending longevity to ensure a full product life of dependable usage.

Out of stock

Product Description

The Firefighters Merchandise Gold Fireflex® Duffle Bag is also available in Black Fireflex®.

50L capacity
27″” H x 14″” W x 14″” D

Additional Information

Attribute Information
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 27 x 14 x 2 in
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